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Review our FAQs on this page before applying. We receive hundreds of questions about our adoption process by potential adopters that are already answered below.


Apply using the link below. Most applicants receive an email with next steps within 5-7 business days. Be patient with us and check that pesky SPAM folder!


An Adoption Counselor will help you to determine if now is the right time to adopt, and if so, what type of dog would be a good match for you.


Ready to Apply?

Make sure you’ve reviewed our FAQs below before submitting your application. Please note that an application does not guarantee approval.

If you are having any issues submitting your application, please contact us.


Adoption FAQs

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+ How does applying to adopt work?

If you are interested in adopting with us, we recommend applying online. The application process generally takes 5-7 days. After submitting an application, our Adoptions Team will be in touch via email. Each applicant must schedule a phone call with one of our Adoption Counselors to speak further about their interest and preparedness to adopt, after which a determination will be made, generally via email. Once approved, you will be eligible to adopt with us for one year and will have the opportunity to set up a meeting with a specific dog at one of our events. We encourage you to apply online even if you haven’t spotted a great match yet so that the process can be expedited!

+ Should I re-apply for each dog I am interested in?

If you’re already pre-approved to adopt and the dog who you were originally interested in was adopted, email us. There is no need to re-submit an application if you’ve been approved within the past year!

+ What are your adoption fees?

As you explore adoption, we encourage you to also consider the significant time and financial commitment that comes along with dog ownership. Adoption fees generally range from $350 - $500 depending on the dog’s age, breed and size. Adoption fees are not negotiable and must be paid in full at the time of adoption. We are proud to offer full medical care, vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick medication, spay/neuter surgery, microchipping, transportation from shelter to foster, food, leashes and other incidentals for our all of our dogs. While some dogs only need standard care, others require more extensive veterinary care or behavioral attention. As a non-profit organization we rely entirely on adoption fees, donations, and fundraising to enable us to continue rescuing dogs.

+ Do you adopt to out-of-state adopters?

Of course! However, we do require all adopters to travel to NYC to meet the dogs in person before adopting to ensure that it is the right match. If traveling by plane, your adopted dog must be able to fit in the cabin with you rather than in cargo. Before adopting, we recommend checking your specific state or country requirements for traveling with an animal across state lines. While we always appreciate the support of out of state adopters, we encourage you to also consider adopting locally as there are many homeless dogs at your local shelter or rescue.

+ Where do your dogs come from?

We are proud to partner with our local shelter, Animal Care Centers of NYC, in order to rescue dogs in our own community. We also partner with open-intake facilities in the southern states to rescue dogs who are at risk due to space limitations.

+ How do I meet a dog I’m interested in adopting?

If you are already pre-approved to adopt, we encourage you to email us to let us know that you are interested in a specific dog. If that dog seems like a good match and you are able to attend our event, our Adoptions Team will do our best to schedule a one-on-one meeting at a prescheduled time. We also keep a short waitlist for each dog. If you are not first in line to meet the dog of your choice, the adopter ahead of you will have the opportunity to meet the dog and adopt. If they decide not to adopt, the next person who is on the waitlist and present at the event will be able to meet the dog.

+ What is an adoption event?

Since we don't have a physical shelter, the majority of our adoptions happen at our weekend events. Our weekend events are open to the public and anyone is welcome to come visit the dogs. You can always drop by an event to see our adoptable dogs. However, if you are interested in adopting a specific dog we highly recommend applying online ahead of time so that you can become pre-approved to adopt.

If you have applied online but your application has not yet been processed, you can still attend an adoption event and we can continue the process there if you are interested in meeting a specific dog. If you have not yet applied to adopt with us, you are still able to attend one of our adoption events, fill out a paper application and speak with an Adoption Counselor if you are interested in adopting that same day, but pre-approved adopters are generally given preference. If you are attending an event in the hopes of adopting, but have not yet been approved, we recommend bringing any current or past pet's medical records with you to expedite the process!

Please note that the first hour of each event is generally reserved for scheduled meetings with pre-approved adopters. If you are not yet pre-approved to adopt with us, we recommend stopping by an event at least an hour prior to the end of an event for the best chance at an opportunity to adopt. We are not able to start new applications in the last hour of an event.

+ How does a prescheduled meet and greet work?

When you arrive at an adoption event, please check in with a volunteer at our sign in table to let them know you have been pre-approved and have a meeting scheduled. Please bring a state-issued photo ID as well. Once you are checked in, you will be paired with an Adoption Counselor who will help facilitate your meeting. If you are scheduled to meet an adult dog who has all vaccines and can walk outside, you can take the dog for a walk. If you are meeting with a puppy who is not yet fully vaccinated due to age, you will be able to hold the pup.

After you spend time with the dog, you will have a chance to ask your Adoption Counselor any questions you might have. If you are ready to adopt, your Adoption Counselor will review your pup’s medical records, help you fill out necessary paperwork, and provide you with coupons for dog walkers, day care facilities, boarding, vets, groomers, and more! You will complete the adoption process with our cashier.

Please remember that most rescue dogs have been through a lot of upheaval throughout their lives and even more over the last few days or weeks. Adoption events can be stressful for dogs, so please trust that although a pet might not display all the qualities you read about in a foster parent's description, this may be to due to the environment, and it will likely take time for the dog to acclimate in a new home. A dog who won't even look at you at an event could be attached at the hip after 24 hours in your home, a dog who just wants to run at an event might be a couch potato, and a dog who barks in a crate at an event could be quiet as a mouse at home. We are always as honest and transparent as possible about our dog’s behaviors, so please feel free to ask questions!

Click here for more detailed information about your upcoming prescheduled meeting!

+ Can I place a dog on hold?

We are not able to place dogs on “hold” for adopters who are unable to attend the earliest-available meet and greet time due to a high number of pre-approved adopters. If you have confirmed a prescheduled meeting for a specific dog, that dog will be held for you until that time. Please be prepared to take your new pup home with you directly from your meet & greet (assuming all goes well, of course!). We will not be able to hold that dog for you past that time. We are a foster-based rescue and are so grateful for our fosters who volunteer to care for our dogs before they are adopted. By doing same-day adoptions, we are able to make more foster homes available to new dogs, and ultimately save more lives.

+ What should I do to prepare for a new dog?

We are glad you want to be prepared for the newest addition to your family! See here for detailed information about how to prepare.

+ I just adopted and have questions or need some advice. What should I do?

The Adoptions Team is always happy to help answer any questions that you may have after you’ve adopted. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!


Note that once you find a pup, you’ll need to sign our contract before your adoption becomes official. Review it here.



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